The RedHeaded Zombie Show

In late 2010. C.J. Hackett was in search of a way to find his band, A Bad Night for a Hero, consistent bookings. After taking matters into his own hands, Hackett found refuge in a monthly concert series held at The Coffee Exchange. Named after a specialty latte, The RedHeaded Zombie Show was born. Over the span of nine years, the show transformed into a multi-venue concept hosting local musicians and artists from all over southern Colorado. Members of The Redheaded Zombie Show are still pursuing their own individual artistic ventures. C.J. Hackett and Brandon Arnold still lead A Bad Night for a Hero. C.J. Hackett produces music under the solo project Prefab Soul. Liv Elliott fronts her project Dead Elliott. Joel is still producing live visuals as Levelheaded. Elias Hambey produces comic book art under his own name. Timmy Vilgiate produces a series of story-driven podcasts, music under his own name, and art in a physical medium as well.

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Local FM

LocalFM was an online radio station focusing exclusively on music that originated in Colorado. The station's founder, Brian Elyo, is an active member of the Southern Colorado music communityand performs under the name Mobdividual. The RedHeaded Zombie Show took over the project in 2014. After the transition I often handled design work for the station.

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The Flux Capacitor

The Flux Capacitor was a community venue in Colorado Springs hosting 20 to 25 shows every month. I frequently designed fliers and other promotional assets for the venue. The founders of The Flux Capacitor have continued to innovate. They've founded What's Left Records, are writers at The Colorado Springs Independent, work as partners of The Triple Nickle Tavern. As musicians, Bryan and Sean Ostrow have performed with many bands. Caleb Butcher has continued his artistic pursuits as a collage artist under his own name. Click their logo to see the history of some of the hardest working dudes in the Colorado Springs Music Scene.

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