To whom it may concern,

It’s my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Austin as he seeks employment. As Austin’s sole direct manager at Private Label Campaigns, I’ve worked closely with him over the past four months, sharing the same open office space the majority of the time. Austin showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded company expectations. On a personal level, he’s charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served him well in his role.

Austin has an understanding of marketing as a whole and brought a lot to our company. Not only does he provide amazing graphic designs, but he helped to establish over ten new brands. Last week, for instance, he created webpages (including design and code) for two of our skincare brands. It only took him a couple days to produce each one and they turned out wonderful. His creativity and skills are second-to-none.

Finally, Austin has proven himself to be a strong cultural fit here at Private Label Campaigns. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand to his teammates and contributes during brainstorming sessions and meetings. Austin was an active member of the Private Label Campaigns team and supports his colleagues professionally and personally.

In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support for Austin’s application for any role. I’m confident that he will surpass your expectations in this new role. Austin is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, and smart, and I know he will continue to find success. Feel free to contact me at with any other questions. Thank you for your time.

James Martell


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